Bob Grover

                     Gypsy Songman, Lehigh Valley Troubadour 


                             Bringing the sounds of the Southwest to the Lehigh Valley

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Lehigh Valley Troubadour, Bob Grover, started his musical journey while in college in the late 60ís and early 70ís. He cut his teeth as half of a duo that toured in a Volkswagen Bug all over the East Coast, Midwest , and into Canada. Playing at coffee houses, colleges, small concert halls, protest gatherings, bars and even street corners. After the demise of the duo, Grover continued to live the Gypsy songman life performing original and traditional country and western music. His writing shows an appreciation for the old and new west with influences from legendary artists such as Ernest Tubb, Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Jerry Jeff Walker, and many others. The inspiration for his music comes from his own experience and the experience of others. Every original song tells a story or conjures up a memory of a special time. He writes simple emotive songs in an easy going country style with melodic and meaningful lyrics. Music that will make you smile, tap your toes, or perhaps swing your partner.